Grafting Japanese maples is the most popular and efficient way to propagate hybrid varieties of the tree. By grafting Japanese maple trees, we are able to produce the exact same tree as the parent. This ensures that our customers always know what type of Japanese maple they are receiving. 

At Maplestone Ornamentals, we have years and years of experience in grafting Japanese maples. We use many different techniques which are based on variables like the time of year and the size of wood used. 

 Benefits from a grafted Japanese maple include characteristics such as color, shape, and cold hardiness. Being adaptable to various climates is also a benefit from grafting, and allows planters in geographical areas with wide temperature swings to enjoy these beautiful trees without vigorous care.

 The process we use when grafting Japanese maples starts with the scion, which is removed from the parent tree. This is grafted with the understock of a green leaf seedling of an upright-growing Japanese maple. On average, it usually takes 2 to 3 years before the Japanese maple seedling can be used as an understock. 

Grafting Japanese maple trees can be a time consuming and difficult task if you are not experienced. Let our expert staff help you find the perfect Japanese maple tree you’re looking for. Contact us today for more information about the many different varieties we grow and carry.