Lace Leaf Japanese Maples

Lace leaf Japanese Maple varieties are by far the most graceful and elegant and are often viewed as status symbols in our yards and neighborhoods. They are the aristocrat of landscape trees. These m...

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Creating Your Garden Paradise

by John Thesing When designing your garden pay close attention to leaf shape and color. Look at the growth habit of your trees and shrubs. One example: a vase shaped tree compliments a weeping tree n...

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Some Quick Facts On Grafting Japanese Maples

Grafting Japanese maples is the most popular and efficient way to propagate hybrid varieties of the tree. By grafting Japanese maple trees, we are able to produce the exact same tree as the parent. Th...

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Japanese Maples in Winter

Today I was walking around the nursery looking at all the dormant Japanese Maples. This is definitely the time of year when Maple lovers start to go down that crazy road of anxiously anticipating t...

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The Japanese Maple: A Quick Review and a Few Caring Tips

The Japanese maple is one of my favorite trees (go figure, right?) I love the way the colors of the leaves change from spring to late fall as well as the exotic looking structure of the trunk and bran...

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